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Newport News, VA

The City of Newport News in VirginiaWe have been planning to write an article about our home city, Newport News in Virginia for a while, because we feel like we received so much from this city and we would like to give something back by attracting people to come here and experience the lifestyle which is typical here. In case you have nit heard too much about Newport News yet, do not worry about it, our goal here is to give you some practical information about the city, so you can decide on your own if it is worth your time to visit is. We truly believe that it is and here you will find the reasons why! It is also worth to mention that the people here are extremely friendly, so even if you are not into restaurants or natural sights, we are sure that you will have a great time here if you just walk around in the city and start to talk to people.

Fun facts about the city of Newport News:

We are an independent city in the state of Virginia in the USA on the banks of the James River. 

 The estimated population of our city is 179,000. 

The Daily Press is the local daily newspaper of the city. 

The first settlers from Europe arrived here to build their homes in the early 17th century. 

From climate perspective it is humid subtropical, so prepare if you are coming during the winter months, because it can get pretty cold here. 

The neighborhoods we are from:


Our favorite restaurants in Newport News:

Cheddar’s Scratch Kitchen
Mission BBQ

Our favorite sights in Newport News:

Virginia Living Museum
Newport News Park
Patrick Henry Mall

It is surprising even to us, how many of our friends are excited to come back to visit us in Newport News every year. We know that it is easy to fall in love with this city, so beware: your first visit could easily mean that you will be addicted for life and you will want to come back regularly. Needless to say, if we can help you any further with local advices or introducing you to a few people here, feel free to reach out to us. And of course we can take care of any issues of yours regarding your vehicle when you are here, you can always count on our experienced mobile mechanics. 


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#1 Mobile Mechanics in Newport News, VA

Call Now: (757) 317-5170